Oklahoma Cable & Telecommunications Statutes

Oklahoma Constitution Article 18, Section 5(a), 5 (b), Franchise voted by electorate

Title 3 (a) OS Section 601 et seq Oklahoma Professional Boxing Licensing Act

Title 11 OS Section 22-107.1 Permit issued by municipal governing body

Title 11 OS Section 22-107.2 Sellers of cable television service - Assessment of late fee

Title 12 OS Section 1448 Protects cable operators from libel and slander and deceptive advertising lawsuits where cable operator had no knowledge of unauthorized use

Title 15 OS Section 775 Exempts solicitation by cable operators from the Commercial Telephone Solicitation Act

Title 17 OS Section 131 Necessity for Certificate of Convenience and Necessity

Title 17 OS Section 132 Application for Certificate

Title 17 OS Section 139.101 et seq Oklahoma Telecommunications Act of 1997

Title 21 OS Section 1737 Oklahoma Theft of Cable Service Act

Title 21 OS Section 1976 Exempts cable television broadcasts from counterfeit productions of sound and video criminal statutes

Title 56 OS Section 240.12 Limits access by Department of Human Services to cable television company customer records in child custody cases

Title 63 OS Section 142.6 Includes Oklahoma Cable Systems in Okie 1 program for notification and location of cable television lines prior to excavation activities by contractors

Title 68 OS Section 1354 Cable service excluded from sales tax

Title 68 OS Section 1357 Cable advertising excluded from sales tax

Title 68 OS Section 1359 Cable systems treated as manufacturers and exempting select items from state and local sales tax

Title 68 OS Section 2808 Provides cable television property will be not centrally assessed for advalorem taxes as are public utilities

Title 69 OS Section 1401 authority of cable television companies to operate on rights of ways of state and federal highways and county section lines