Oklahoma Cable and Telecommunications Association System Members

 City                      Name /Address/Manager                 Contact #'s


Achille                         Vyve Broadband J, LLC

                                    1819 N. Airport Drive

                                    Shawnee, OK  74804

                                    Manager:  Shawn Beqaj


Ada                             Cable One                                                       P: (580) 332-8333

                                    1610 Arlington, Bldg 1                                   F: (580) 332-4005

                                    Ada, OK 74820

                                    Manager: Ted Ramsey


Adair                           Vyve Broadband A, LLC

1819 N. Airport Drive

                                    Shawnee, OK  74804

                                    Manager: Shawn Beqaj


Afton                          See Adair/Vyve Broadband A, LLC


Agra                            See Adair/Vyve Broadband A, LLC






Aline                           Pioneer Telephone

                                    108 E Roberts Road/PO Box 539

                                    Kingfisher, OK 73750

                                    Manager: Loyd Benson


Allen                           Vyve Broadband A, LLC/Cebridge




Altus                           Cable One                                                       P: (580) 482-0523

                                    618 North Main/PO Box 499                         F: (580) 477-0911

                                    Altus, OK 73522

                                    Manager: Brook McDonald


Alva                            Suddenlink Communications

                                    Email Only

                                    Manager: Skip Ogle


Ames                           See Aline/Pioneer


Anadarko                    See Alva/Suddenlink


Antlers                                    Vyve Broadband A, LLC/Cebridge


Apache                        See Aline/Pioneer


Ardmore                      Cable One                                                       P: (580) 223-9600

811 West Broadway                                       F: (580) 226-4472

                                    Ardmore, OK 73401                                      

                                    Manager: David Wall                      




Armstrong                   See Achille/Vyve Broadband J, LLC


Arnett                          See Aline/Pioneer




Atoka                          See Achille/Vyve Broadband J, LLC


Avant                          Community Cablevision                                

                                    PO Box 307

                                    Skiatook, OK 74070

                                    Manager: Dennis Soule


Barnsdall                     See Avant/Community Cablevision


Bartlesville                  Cable One                                                       P: (918) 335-0123

                                    PO Box 1028                                                  F: (918) 333-6757

                                    Barslesville, OK 74005

                                    Manager: Dick Marnell                   




Beggs                          See Adair/Vyve Broadband A, LLC


Bennington                 Vyve Broadband A, LLC/Cebridge


Bernice                        See Adair/Vyve Broadband A, LLC




Bethany                       Cox Communications

                                    6301 Waterford

                                    Oklahoma City, OK 73118

                                    Manager: Dave Bialis


Bethel                          See Adair/Vyve Broadband A, LLC






Bixby                          See Bethany/Cox Communications


Blackwell                    See Alva/Suddenlink


Blair                            See Altus/Cable One


Blanchard                    See Aline/Pioneer


Boise City


Bokchito                     See Achille/Vyve Broadband J, LLC




Boswell                       Vyve Broadband A, LLC/Cebridge


Boynton                      See Adair/Vyve Broadband A, LLC


Braggs                         Vyve Broadband A, LLC/Cebridge




Bristow                       Vyve Broadband A, LLC/Cebridge


Broken Arrow             See Bethany/Cox Communications


Broken Bow                Broken Bow Cable

                                    PO Box 548

                                    Broken Bow, OK 74728

                                    Manager: Angela Whisenhunt


Bryan County             See Achille/Vyve Broadband J, LLC


Buffalo                        See Aline/Pioneer


Buncombe Creek




Burns Flat




Byng                           See Ada/Cable One






Caddo                         See Achille/Vyve Broadband J, LLC


Calera                          See Achille/Vyve Broadband J, LLC


Calumet                       See Aline/Pioneer






Cameron                      See Adair/Vyve Broadband A, LLC


Canadian County        See Bethany/Cox Communications


Caney                          Vyve Broadband A, LLC/Cebridge


Canton                                    See Aline/Pioneer


Carmen                        See Aline/Pioneer


Carney                         See Adair/Vyve Broadband A, LLC


Cartwright                   See Achille/Vyve Broadband J, LLC




Catoosa                       See Bethany/Cox Communications




Chandler                     Vyve Broadband A, LLC/Cebridge


Chattanooga                See Aline/Pioneer




Chelsea                        See Adair/Vyve Broadband A, LLC




Chester                        See Aline/Pioneer


Chickasha                    See Alva/Suddenlink


Choctaw                      See Bethany/Cox Communications


Chouteau                     See Adair/Vyve Broadband A, LLC


Clarmore                     See Bethany/Cox Communications




Cleveland County       See Bethany/Cox


Clinton                        See Elk City/Cable One


Cleo Springs                See Aline/Pioneer


Coal Co.                      See Achille/Vyve Broadband J, LLC


Coalgate                      See Achille/Vyve Broadband J, LLC


Colbert                                    See Achille/Vyve Broadband J, LLC


Colcord                       See Adair/Vyve Broadband A, LLC


Collinsville                  See Avant/Community Cablevision


Comanche                   See Aline/Pioneer


Commerce                   See Miami/Cable One


Copan                          See Avant/Community Cablevision


Cordell                                    See Elk City/Cable One




Cornish                        See Alva/Suddenlink


Cottonwood                See Achille/Vyve Broadband J, LLC




Covington                   See Aline/Pioneer


Coweta                        See Bethany/Cox Communications


Coyle                           See Adair/Vyve Broadband A, LLC


Creek County*            See Bethany/Cox Communications


Crescent                      See Alva/Suddenlink


Cromwell                    See Adair/Vyve Broadband A, LLC


Cushing                       See Alva/Suddenlink






Dacoma                       See Aline/Pioneer


Delaware                     See Adair/Vyve Broadband A, LLC


Dale                             See Adair/Vyve Broadband A, LLC


Davis                           See Ada/Cable One


Davison                       See Aline/Pioneer


Deer Creek                  See Aline/Pioneer


Del City                      See Bethany/Cox Communications


Depew                         See Adair/Vyve Broadband A, LLC


Dewar                         Cebridge/Suddenlink


Dewey                         See Bartlesville/Cable One


Dibble                         See Aline/Pioneer


Dickson                       See Ardmore/Cable One


Dill City


Douglas                       See Aline/Pioneer


Dover                          See Aline/Pioneer


Drummond                  See Aline/Pioneer


Drumright                   See Alva/Suddenlink


Duck Creek                 See Adair/Vyve Broadband A, LLC


Duncan                        Cable One                                                       P: (580) 252-0992

                                    1206 North 81 HWY STE 30                         F: (580) 252-9488

                                    Duncan, OK 73533-1720

                                    Manager: Brook McDonald


Durant                         See Achille/Vyve Broadband J, LLC


Dustin                         See Adair/Vyve Broadband A, LLC


Earlsboro                     See Adair/Vyve Broadband A, LLC


Edmond                      See Bethany/Cox Communications


El Reno                       See Bethany/Cox Communications


Elgin                            See Alva/Suddenlink


Elk City                       Cable One                                                      


                                    Borger, TX

                                    Manager: Terry Harris


Enid                            See Alva/Suddenlink




Erin Springs




Fairland                       See Adair/Vyve Broadband A, LLC


Fairview                      See Alva/Suddenlink


Fargo                           See Aline/Pioneer


Fay                              See Aline/Pioneer






Forest Park                  See Bethany/Cox Communications


Fort Gibson                 See Adair/Vyve Broadband A, LLC


Fort Sill                       See Alva/Suddenlink


Fort Supply                 See Aline/Pioneer




Francis                         See Ada/Cable One


Frederick                     See Altus/Cable One


Freedom                      See Aline/Pioneer


Gage                            See Alva/Suddenlink


Gans                            See Adair/Vyve Broadband A, LLC


Garber                         See Aline/Pioneer


Garfield                       See Alva/Suddenlink


Garfield County          See Alva/Suddenlink 


Garvin Co.                  See Alva/Suddenlink


Geary                          See Ames/Pioneer


Glencoe                       See Adair/Vyve Broadband A, LLC


Glenpool                     See Bethany/Cox Communications




Goodwell                    See Adair/Vyve Broadband A, LLC


Gore                            See Adair/Vyve Broadband A, LLC


Gould                          See Aline/Pioneer


Grady County             See Alva/Suddenlink


Grand Lake/Monkey   See Adair/Vyve Broadband A, LLC


Grand Lake W Shores            See Adair/Vyve Broadband A, LLC


Grandfield                  See Aline/Pioneer


Grove*                                    See Adair/Vyve Broadband A, LLC


Grove Rural                See Adair/Vyve Broadband A, LLC


Guthrie                        See Bethany/Cox Communications




Haileyville                   See Adair/Vyve Broadband A, LLC


Hall Park                     This is no longer a town.  It is now a part of NormanSee Bethany/Cox Communications




Harmon                       See Aline/Pioneer




Harrah                         See Bethany/Cox Communications


Hartshorn                    See Adair/Vyve Broadband A, LLC


Haskell                        Vyve Broadband A, LLC/Cebridge


Hastings                      See Aline/Pioneer




Healdton                     See Alva/Suddenlink


Heavener                     See Alva/Suddenlink


Helena                         See Aline/Pioneer


Hennessey                   See Aline/Pioneer


Henyretta                    See Alva/Suddenlink


Hobart                         See Elk City/Cable One




Hollis                           See Aline/Pioneer


Hominy                       See Avant/Community Cablevision




Hopeton                      See Aline/Pioneer




Hugo                           See Alva/Suddenlink


Hulbert                        See Adair/Vyve Broadband A, LLC


Hunter                         See Aline/Pioneer


Hydro                          See Alva/Suddenlink






Inola                            See Adair/Vyve Broadband A, LLC


Jenks                           See Bethany/Cox Communications






Kansas                         See Adair/Vyve Broadband A, LLC


Kaw City                    See Avant/Community Cablevision


Kay Co.


Kellyville                     See Adair/Vyve Broadband A, LLC


Keota                          See Adair/Vyve Broadband A, LLC


Ketchum                     See Adair/Vyve Broadband A, LLC 


Kiefer                          See Bethany/Cox Communications


Kingfisher                   See Aline/Pioneer


Kingston                     See Achille/Vyve Broadband J, LLC


Kinta                           See Adair/Vyve Broadband A, LLC


Kiowa                         See Adair/Vyve Broadband A, LLC








Lahoma                       See Aline/Pioneer


Lamont                        See Aline/Pioneer


Langley                       See Adair/Vyve Broadband A, LLC


Langston                     See Adair/Vyve Broadband A, LLC




Lawton                        Lawton Cablevision, Inc

                                    PO Box 708-A

                                    Lawton, OK 73502

                                    Manager: Bill Drewry




Lenapah                      See Adair/Vyve Broadband A, LLC


Lexington                    See Alva/Suddenlink


Lindsay                       See Alva/Suddenlink


Locust Grove              See Adair/Vyve Broadband A, LLC


Logan Co.                   See Bethany/Cox Communications


Lone Grove                 See Ardmore/Cable One


Longdale                     See Aline/Pioneer


Longtown/Enterprrise See Adair/Vyve Broadband A, LLC


Loyal                           See Aline/Pioneer


Luther                         See Adair/Vyve Broadband A, LLC




McAlester*                 See Adair/Vyve Broadband A, LLC




McIntosh Co.


McLoud                      See Adair/Vyve Broadband A, LLC


Madill                          See Ardmore/Cable One


Mangum                      See Elk City/Cable One


Manitou                       See Aline/Pioneer


Mannsville                   See Ardmore/Cable One


Marietta                       See Ardmore/Cable One


Marland                       See Adair/Vyve Broadband A, LLC


Marlow                        See Duncan/Cable One


Marshall                      See Aline/Pioneer


Marshall Co.                See Achille/Vyve Broadband J, LLC


May                             See Aline/Pioneer


Maysville                     See Alva/Suddenlink




Meeker                        See Adair/Vyve Broadband A, LLC


Meno                           See Aline/Pioneer




Miami                          Cable One                                                      


                                    Joplin, MO

                                    Manager: Charlotte McClure


Mid West City                        See Bethany/Cox Communications


Milburn                       See Adair/Vyve Broadband A, LLC


Moore                          See Bethany/Cox Communications


Moreland                     See Aline/Pioneer


Morris                          See Adair/Vyve Broadband A, LLC


Morrison                      See Adair/Vyve Broadband A, LLC


Mounds                       See Adair/Vyve Broadband A, LLC


Mustang                      See Bethany/Cox Communications


Muskogee*                  Cebridge/Suddenlink


Mutual                         See Aline/Pioneer


Nash                            See Aline/Pioneer




Newcastle                   See Aline/Pioneer


Nichols Hills               See Bethany/Cox Communications


Nicoma Park               See Bethany/Cox Communications




Norman                       See Bethany/Cox Communications


  1. Miami See Miami/Cable One


  1. Enid See Alva/Suddenlink


Nowata                       See Bartlesville/Cable One


Oakland                      See Ardmore/Cable One


Oakwood                    See Aline/Pioneer


Ochelata                      See Avant/Community Cablevision


Oilton                          See Avant/Community Cablevision


Okarche                       See Aline/Pioneer


Okay                           See Adair/Vyve Broadband A, LLC


Okeene                        See Aline/Pioneer


Okemah                       Vyve Broadband A, LLC/CebridgeSee Aldreson/Cox Communications


Oklahoma City            See Bethany/Cox Communications


Okmulgee*                  Cebridge/Suddenlink


Oolagah                       See Adair/Vyve Broadband A, LLC


Orlando                       See Aline/Pioneer


Osage Co.*                


Owasso                       See Bethany/Cox Communications






Pawhuska                    Vyve Broadband A, LLC/Cebridge


Pauls Valley                See Alva/Suddenlink


Payne County             See Alva/Suddenlink


Perkins*                      Cebridge/Suddenlink


Perry                            See Alva/Suddenlink




Pittsburg Co.              




Ponca City                  Cable One                                                       P: (580) 762-6684

                                    303 North Fourth Street                                 F: (580) 762-0312

                                    Ponca City, OK 74801

                                    Manager: Mike Slyman


Pond Creek                 See Aline/Pioneer


Porter                          See Adair/Vyve Broadband A, LLC




Poteau                         See Alva/Suddenlink


Prague                         See Adair/Vyve Broadband A, LLC


Pruitt City


Pryor                           Cablevision Industries Time Warner Cable   

                                    27 SE 8th Street

                                    Pryor, OK 74361


Purcell                         See Alva/Suddenlink


Putman                        See Aline/Pioneer


Quinlan                       See Aline/Pioneer


Quinton                       See Adair/Vyve Broadband A, LLC


Ralston                        See Adair/Vyve Broadband A, LLC


Ramona                       See Avant/Community Cablevision




Ratliff City


Rattan                         Vyve Broadband A, LLC/Cebridge


Ravia                           See Achille/Vyve Broadband J, LLC


Red Oak                      See Adair/Vyve Broadband A, LLC


Ringling                      See Alva/Suddenlink


Ringwood                   See Aline/Pioneer


Roff                            See Ada/Cable One


Rogers Co.*                See Bethany/Cox Communications




Rush Springs




Salina                          See Adair/Vyve Broadband A, LLC


Sallisaw                       See Alva/Suddenlink


Sand Point


Sand Springs               See Bethany/Cox Communications


Sapulpa                       See Bethany/Cox Communications


Savanna                       See Adair/Vyve Broadband A, LLC


Sayre                           See Elk City/Cable One


Schulter                       See Adair/Vyve Broadband A, LLC


Sedan KS                    See Adair/Vyve Broadband A, LLC


Seiling                         See Aline/Pioneer


Seminole                     See Alva/Suddenlink


Seminole County        See Alva/Suddenlink


Sequoyah Co.


Sharon                         See Aline/Pioneer


Shattuck                      See Aline/Pioneer


Shawnee                      See Adair/Vyve Broadband A, LLC


Shady Point               


Shidler                         See Avant/Community Cablevision


Skiatook                      See Avant/Community Cablevision


Spavinaw                    See Adair/Vyve Broadband A, LLC


Spencer                       See Bethany/Cox Communications


Sperry                          See Avant/Community Cablevision


Spiro                            See Alva/Suddenlink




Stigler                          Vyve Broadband A, LLC/Cebridge


Stillwater                     See Alva/Suddenlink


Stilwell                        See Adair/Vyve Broadband A, LLC


Stonewall                    See Achille/Vyve Broadband J, LLC


Strang                          See Adair/Vyve Broadband A, LLC


Stratford                     See Adair/Vyve Broadband A, LLC




Stroud                         Vyve Broadband A, LLC/Cebridge




Sulphur                        See Ada/Cable One


Tacora Hills                 See Adair/Vyve Broadband A, LLC


Tahlequah                    Tahlequah Cable TV Inc

                                    Box 1689

                                    Tahlequah, OK 74465

                                    Manager: Paul Laperche


Talihina                       Vyve Broadband A, LLC/Cebridge


Tecumseh                    See Adair/Vyve Broadband A, LLC


Temple                        See Aline/Pioneer




The Village                  See Bethany/Cox


Thomas                        See Aline/Pioneer


Tinker AFB                 See Bethany/Cox Communications


Tipton                          See Altus/Cable One


Tishomingo                 See Achille/Vyve Broadband J, LLC


Tonkawa                     See Ponca City/Cable One


Tryon                           See Adair/Vyve Broadband A, LLC


Tulsa                            See Bethany/Cox Communications


Tulsa Co.*                   See Bethany/Cox Communications


Tupelo                         See Achille/Vyve Broadband J, LLC


Turpin                          See Adair/Vyve Broadband A, LLC




Tyrone                         See Adair/Vyve Broadband A, LLC


Union City


Valley Brook               See Bethany/Cox Communications


Valliant                       Vyve Broadband A, LLC/Cebridge


Vance AFB*               See Alva/Suddenlink




Verdigris                     See Adair/Vyve Broadband A, LLC


Vian                            See Adair/Vyve Broadband A, LLC






Vinita                          See Miami/Cable One                                                





Wagoner*                    Cebridge/Suddenlink


Wagoner Co.               Cebridge/Suddenlink


Wakita                         See Aline/Pioneer








Warr Acres                  See Bethany/Cox Communications




Watonga                      See Aline/Pioneer


Watts                           See Adair/Vyve Broadband A, LLC


Wayne                         See Alva/Suddenlink


Waynoka                     See Aline/Pioneer








Weatherford                See Alva/Suddenlink


Webbers Falls              See Adair/Vyve Broadband A, LLC



Welch                          See Adair/Vyve Broadband A, LLC


Weleetka                     See Adair/Vyve Broadband A, LLC




Westville                     See Adair/Vyve Broadband A, LLC


Wetumka                     Vyve Broadband A, LLC/Cebridge


Wewoka*                    See Alva/Suddenlink




Wilburton                    See Adair/Vyve Broadband A, LLC


Wilburton County       See Adair/Vyve Broadband A, LLC


Wilson                         See Alva/Suddenlink




Woods County            See Alva/Suddenlink


Woodward                  See Alva/Suddenlink


Wright City                 Vyve Broadband A, LLC/Cebridge


Wyandotte                  See Adair/Vyve Broadband A, LLC


Wynnewood*             Cebridge/Suddenlink


Wynona                       See Avant/Community Cablevision


Yale                             See Avant/Community Cablevision


Yukon                         See Bethany/Cox Communications



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